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01 March 2005

Be careful what you wish for!

And so, this whole slightly crazy 'moving to Italy - why? why not?' adventure is beginning - as wholly anticlimactic as it all really seemed: as of this week, the Board and most of the staff finally knows about my impending move. No one burst internal organs over it (though truly, it was pretty well thought out to avoid that result), and I can finally begin to treat this as if it's actually happening. (Note to self - hitting the Italian study books harder is definitely in order!) As this all begins, an oddly disconnected feeling washes over me, which I suspect will persist in waves as this all becomes a reality.

I'll be off line for a while - March is a crazy month of travel, 2 + weeks in Italy and Spain. I'll try to keep notes and update with some stories of the trip when I return. Ciao...


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