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30 May 2005


Aaah, yes. I can't resist a great 80's movie reference. Rodents of Unusual Size. (and the movie title...? anyone??? anyone???? Bueller???) Look at that. TWO great 80's movie references in one posting! Clearly, I don't have enough current media stimuli.

But I digress. Just when my fears about a cat-eating prowler in the yard were allayed by Maxi's reappearance ... sunset watering tonight brought another discovery. Yesterday, I was impressed at the beautiful purple Irises that had just bloomed in the back garden. Tonight, my watering can and I discover that the bed of irises has been totally massacred. Cruelly yanked out of the ground by their stems, cast aside, and with football-size holes dug in the nearby ground (presumably so whatever did the massacring could eat the bulbs.) This is good and bad news, I must surmise: the cat eating monster is clearly still on the prowl, but has gone vegetarian. Yeesh. What's next, kabbalah?

Anyhow, this discovery prompted 'note to self' in journal: don't sleep with bulbs under your pillow and the window open. See how much I'm learning about the country??


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Seeing that you now live near a Iris murdering creature, I am glad you left the Little Charmer with me. She is doing wonderfully and says "Hi" to me every morning when I take the boys outside.

5:12 PM  

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