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05 April 2005

It's the little things

I'm already starting in my head to create a list of things that I'll miss (and NOT!) when I'm not in Washington anymore:

MISS ...
Amazing burgers and spicy fries at Hamburger Mary's
Impromptu martinis at the office
6 choices of Thai restaurants (chicken pad thai, no egg) in walking distance
My beautiful fingernails (sigh!)
Walking down 16th Street towards the White House on a beautiful spring morning
Sunday afternoon at the local bar, where *someone* knows your name (thanks, New Ageist -- yes, your blog nick transfers over!)
More than a dozen free museums I could wander to on a moments notice (not that I *do* of course, but I COULD! -- invoking the spirit of the "sex on the kitchen floor" conversation from When Harry Met Sally, one of the alltime greats...)
The hairstylist that I would give up Boyfriend #1, 2, or 3 for without even blinking.
My very favorite bartender who knows I get the 'big girl glass' (Don't get your panties in a jumble, Sensitive Rebel -- you know you've never been 'a bartender' to me.)
The swankorama loft condo I never got to live in.
Chipotle (Sad but true. Hate that they're owned by McDonalds, but it is what it is -- now can we just convert all the Mickey D's around the world to Chipotles?)
Matt and Katie (sick obsession. I know. I'll miss Matt more than Katie, though.)

NOT to Miss ...
Washington humidity: swampland. Have ya BEEN to DC in August?!?
The drip-drip-drip of the rainspout onto the steel steps out my window
A fireplace that doesn't work
The rat that seems to have nested somewhere near my front yard
High heels when I forget my walking shoes
Tourists standing on the left on the metro escalators
That creepy 'who do you work for and what can you do for me' feeling when someone checks you out when you meet them.
Slimy congressmen and lobbyists who think they are SOOOOOOOO all that. And there are waaaaaaaaay too many to name.
The fact that people look at you like you have horns and a tail if you smile and say hello on the street here (Nope, it ain't Peoria, sweetheart.)
The desperately painful, alarmist,irrational, 'the sky is falling' american-centered national news media.


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