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31 March 2007

My name is Viaggiatore, and I'm a blogaholic

Ahem. Well, there, I've said it.

The Tuscan hilltop chapter of my life has ended, and this here blog is only here for posterity and memory.

But new chapters in life have opened, new adventures beckon, and my fingers are itching to write about them.

And, geez, I've gotten FAN MAIL! Saying Nice Things! From people who Miss Reading! People who are Not Blood-relatives! (A sucker for a compliment, am I!)

And so, if you need help falling asleep at night and want to read the next chapter as it evolves of this choose-my-own-adventure novel of a life, drop me a line at tuttivabene@mac.com, say something nice, and I'll send the link along.



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