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09 April 2005

Don't try this at home, kids: I'm a professional

Whew, baby. Pangs of moving angst started to set in tonight as I contemplated the gargantuan list of things that are needin' doin' in the THIRTY THREE DAYS that remain for me in this city before my sassy behind is on a plane to Rome. Sheesh - be careful what you wish for is right... Tell the rest of the extended family I'm leavin'. Schedule freight shipment. Passport. Visa. Car. Tour promotions. Order storage space. Decide what I'm doing with condo. Put life's possessions into categories:

keep in storage
perfect excuse to trash or sell
why on EARTH do I still have that (mamma ain't seen size 6 since the early 90's...)
pack for freight shipment
pack in 2 suitcases not weighing more than 70 lbs. (saw off the toothbrush handles?!?!)

I live in exactly 625 square feet but somehow this seems daunting. And yet more on the to-do list: address change? Discuss tax implications of all this. CYA Power of attorney for condo closing. New eyeglasses. Switch bank accounts. Pull together a 'ciao for now' party. Finish technology planning (bless the Doc for mostly taking this part off my list for the moment. I'm sure we'll hit the 'oh,shit' point sometime, but for now its going swimmingly and I don't need to borrow trouble from tomorrow). In part I'm avoiding it because I hate the idea of living in boxed chaos for the next month, but if I leave it all to the last minute, I'll kill myself. This is like all those term papers I always knew I *should* do in advance but still put off 'til it meant pulling an all nighter. But I'm SURE I'm more disciplined now that I'm all grown up, right? (hah!) Deep breath. Eat the elephant one bite at a time.

It's worthy of glorious, sing-from-the-rooftops mention that on the work front, Capt. Silver Fox and Bald Eagle are being amazingly, pinch-me-i-must-be-dreaming supportive, as I was reminded today signing and notarizing the visa requests. I'm so committed to make this work, in part because I don't want them to have taken this leap with me and be wrong. I've made all sorts of peace with the possbility that this is a huge crazy laugh when you look back on it folly of mine, but it would kill me to let THEM down. And they believe in me, they really do. (they like me, they really like me!) Have I mentioned that I have the best job in the WORLD? Okay, perky princess glittertoes, back to reality now... and resolving to make a major dent in at least one of the aforementioned issues this weekend, even despite the smashing cherryblossom weather. Thankfully, ND(BT!) is working this weekend, or it would be all too easy to find reasons to avoid the mountain of work ahead.

Aaaah, the perfect excuse to use my favorite double Italian entendre ("do-able"): Si puo fare! (pronounced: see pwoh far-ay). That's it for today, kiddlies. Buona notte.


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