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03 June 2005

Just exactly what I needed

As if the schlepping me around town on a scooter in the visa hunt wasn't enough, today, Andrea truly earned his blog nickname: Il Cavaliere - somewhat loosely translated to 'knight' - (which we were joking about while he zipped me around through town the other day anyway ...) but here's the story:

I arrived in the office this afternoon (after sitting - no kidding - for a FULL HOUR at a COMPLETE standstill in the afternoon sunshine on the Autostrada for an accident investigation): color me hot, miserable, cranky - and a full hour late for a conference call. Trust me, it was sooooo not pretty. The office looked 'closed' (blinds on the doors drawn) when I walked up, which seemed odd... tho his charming face greeted me when I walked in, and he had a surprise for me: he had bought a tall, standing ventilatore (fan) for the office. Oh, blessed Mary mother of God!!!!!! On yet ANOTHER 90 or so degree day with no air movement in downtown Florence, with a culture that believes AC will make your joints go stiff (no kidding), this was better than ... anything. Not just the fan -- but the THOUGHTFULNESS of it. And he had the blinds drawn and the lights off so it would be as cool as humanly possible when I arrived. I truly worship this man. My not-sweat-friendly coiffure worships this man. My overly-sebaceous skin worships this man. My inability for my brain to function when it's hotter than 90 degrees in the shade worships this man. Truly, I never thought I would be so jazzed to see a fan: it is *so* the little things in life. Look, Mom -- life IS simpler over here!


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Anonymous Samantha said...

This story reminds me of when I tried to cook Thanksgiving dinner for my family in the motherland (England). I was trying to explain molasses and "soft brown sugar"...not be be confused with natural sugar cane...to my Aunt and finally gave up.
As far as the Advil goes...they probably have some stuff which is way better...you just need to scope it out.

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