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11 July 2005

Reentry could have been hell, but wasn't

When I arrived in Waterford, the Lovely Lady R (High Priestess of the White Robe Club) was waiting for me (with Comma Honey) and glass of wine in hand, and the one thing I really needed… a bath drawn. She presented an elegant and color-coordinated bath basket… candle, soaps, book of poetry … lovely little trinkets with which to relax.

Being greeted by friends who want nothing other than to be happy that I am there in one piece is truly an amazing gift. The Waterford Weekend was the softest possible re-entry into the hustle of my DC life, and for every moment of it, including spectacular weather, I am truly appreciative.

Following the much – needed bathing, fresh and rejuvenated, we sit down for a delicious ‘very American’ meal of fish, coleslaw and the most divine homemade French fries. We eat by candlelight under the arbor out back of the cottage, enjoying the garden at dusk, and sing and dance until I hit the wall and become a puddle of jetlagged mush around midnight, at which point I am poured into a white-linened bed, doused with water and the goodness of the ladybug, and sleep soundly in the fresh summer air.

The rest of the weekend was picture perfect; laughter mingled with food, wine, and magical life philosophy – that which is unique to the times I spend Lovely Lady R. We marveled at the simplicity of “Be Where You Are” – which is my answer to jetlag, but also a great philosophy for life in general. We began our Saturday morning with a vodka and grapefruit juice ‘passagiata’ (walk about) around the town … generally being beautiful people and discussing ‘things we must do today when we are still sober.’ LLR asked the question “now, how many of your friends plan their vacation weekends like that?!” … my answer: “all the really good ones!”

By the end of the weekend, we had massaged the philosophy to a more sophisticated:

“Be where you are. Use what you have. Feel what you feel”

… and I would add, raising a glass... “love with abandon those that are worthy.”

Thank you, my dear friends, for being wonderfully, fabulously worthy of everything. Thanks, Comma Honey, for taking (in your words) 'blogworthy' photos to capture the moments. And so, this chapter closes. And until the next meeting of the White Robe Club, all was as it should be: Delightful.


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