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08 July 2005

Take Adventure; add two cups of water... Or not.

I make it home around 12:30. I’m FILTHY (long day of touring wineries, add the tour of the animal pens at Montelucci and the car ride along gravel roads on the way home, and I have a thin film of grime all over my body and hair) – not to mention there are only 6 hours until my train leaves. The car looks worse than I do, but not by much.

I throw some things into the suitcase, figure I’ll buy whatever I've forgotten when I get to DC, and decide to jump in the shower.

Except … I turn on the tap and the pipes go ‘glurg, glurg, sputter, shake’. The water isn’t working. I rack my brain trying to decide if there’s a switch I flipped somewhere, but can’t think of a thing that I may have done to cause this. Assuming that either the well is weirdly dry (HIGHLY unlikely), or the guys working on the house must have turned it off somehow. I realize there’s not a damn thing I can do about it, so I ‘give it up to the Lord,’ resign myself to the idea of getting on the plane with all my filth, and … lay down on the bed for a few hours of sleep.

(Footnote - I scrawl a note to The Diplomat & Renaissance Artist about it before leaving, and get a sheepish email the next day apologizing: indeed a wrong switch had been flipped somewhere. I'm just relieved it wasn't serious!)


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