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30 June 2005

Millions of Sunflowers

Yesterday, in my wanderings in Umbria ... gorgeous fields upon fields upon fields of sunflowers. They harvest the seeds for oil. Amazingly, spectacularly beautiful.
It merits mention that my crappy photographic skills are NOT responsible for this photo -- this is from the site of my new friends, Bob & Rosemary, who are both incredibly talented artists living in Perugia.


Blogger green gazelle said...

Oh, how I love sunflowers. Watching Tour de France on the OLN network this month, have been treated with gorgeous tableaus of sunflower fields in full bloom as the peloton flies by. Somehow, I never tire of their sunny beauty.

And of course I'm cheering for Lance Armstrong to have a wonderful final Tour as he retires *at the ripe old age of 33!*...he's a modern miracle to me. There's not a time that I observe that enormous "U" scar on his head that I don't marvel at his abilities to conquer cancer that had spread to his abdomen, lungs & brain. And to become a better person; father; athlete for his great efforts.

I wearYellow.com for my father; for myself; for all of the many associates that are currently battling with cancer or have been successful in the victory... not an easy feat in itself. And for the many comrades-in-arms that fought the fight bravely yet lost the battle at some point.

Having a professional athlete in the family has provided me invaluable insights about the whys and wherefores some are willing to push their body & soul thru the pain that's felt from extreme challenges. I admire their pluck. I envy their relatively fat-free slim & trim bodies. Yet apparently I'm more willing to admire the sunflowers than join that scary peloton of cyclists flying by...wonder what kind of metaphor that creates?

3:55 PM  
Blogger green gazelle said...

oh...took a moment to go & visit Bob & Rosemary's blog...delightful~

10:42 AM  

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