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06 September 2005

10 things I've learned in 24 hours

10) That no matter what country I'm living in, I have a mental block with taking things to the drycleaners. It sits in a bag by the door for DAYS, and I slap myself on the forehead every time I drive by the cleaners. It must be a missing gene.

9) That trying to talk, by phone, to anyone from the post office who knows ANYTHING about a lost (returned?) package is an colossally international exercise in frustration, regardless of your native tongue.

8) Sometimes it's easier just to give up and let the chips fall where they may then spend another ounce of energy on a discussion going nowhere.

7) That two nights in a row of restless sleep due to bats flying around are enough to make me close my windows tonight. (Though The Diplomat tells me in the 4 years they lived here, they had bats only once or twice. Hmmmmm. I will not take this as a bad omen, I will not take this as a bad omen.)

6) That you don't hang the wash out on the line during a horsefly swarm.

5) Horsefly bites hurt like hell.

4) That ANYTHING tastes better when it is being served to you by someone genuinely proud of his craft. "Mouth Melting Goodness" describes last night's meal at the 'other' local restaurant (2kms in the other direction from Paolo), which is run by -- in my opinion -- one of the great undiscovered chefs of the world. Proscuitto with melon mousse. Pasta made of chestnut flour. Amazing symphonies of food dancing around in my mouth.

3) That I have a huge crush on the darling guy who works at the deli counter. (I know, I can hear the jokes now ... "he has great salami!") Clearly, I need more of a social life.

2) I don't know the word for 'bikini wax' in Italian.

1) I'm not entirely sure who is best to ask to get that nugget of information without turning bright red with mortification.


Blogger Danza Sorellina said...

ditto on the dry cleaning...maybe its genetic?

7:41 PM  
Blogger The Mom said...

Okay, this is more than I thought we would ever share----but the drycleaning thin is most certainly genetic. Horrors.

4:00 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I cannot teach you the word for bikini wax in Italian, but I will send you a new product I discovered. no waxing needed! Leave it to me...
Unassuming Princess

3:46 PM  

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