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02 September 2005

File under: oh, no, he didn't ...

(AP) "Oklahoma City offered to become the home of the New Orleans Hornets this season following the devastation by Hurricane Katrina. Mayor Mick Cornett acknowledged Friday that a Louisiana site would be the obvious choice for the Hornets. But he suggested Oklahoma City's Ford Center, which does not have a major league tenant, as an option. "We could be the temporary home for the team and we're available if that makes sense to the city of New Orleans," Cornett said. Hornets general manager Allan Bristow said no decision had been made on where the team would play. Baton Rouge, La., could be a possibility. The city is home to LSU's Pete Maravich Assembly Center, which seats more than 14,000. The Hornets open their preseason schedule Oct. 13 at Denver's Pepsi Center against the Nuggets. The Hornets will hold at least the first two weeks of training camp at the Air Force Academy in Colorado."

Oh, please ... tell me he didn't. Hundreds of thousands of people without water, toilets, food, or shelter ... dead bodies still in the streets, countless businesses and lives devastated, and this guy is worried ABOUT WHERE THE BASKETBALL TEAM WILL PLAY IN SIX WEEKS?!?!? (While all the fans of the Hornets are still trying to rebuild their LIVES?!?!)

Really, I'd like to find a way to put a positive spin on this. But it just seems so --- wrong. I'm hoping that some Oklahoman demands an audit of his charitable gifts this year, to see if his personal sense of giving generously matches his gross and inappropriately timed opportunism. This is why politicians need handlers (and muzzles, if you ask me: Ditto Bush and Trent Lott's new front porch ...)

Okay. I've gotta stop, this rehash of Katrina coverage is eating me alive. Though the upside is that it makes me feel a little less sorry for myself about my current seeming grasshopper infestation (I know, they're harmless. But they scare the shit out of me when they randomly jump at me.) Speaking of which, tune in after the Labor Day weekend for the first edition of "Do Something Every Day that Scares You" (hopefully with pics!). 'Til then: Be safe and be generous.


Blogger The Mom said...

This type of crisis brings out the best and the worst in people. The reality is that we all identify with one side or the other. I appreciate anyone putting their life on hold to caravan water and supplies, tractor down to remove debris and medivac in to assist the sick and dying. My reality is to organize a matching fund donation at work and open up my check book for the American Red Cross.
The other side of the ledger is beyond my understand or my reality, thank God.

3:15 PM  

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