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15 January 2006

In case there was any doubt

For those of you who missed the initial memo or whose intuitive skills are lacking, I do try to keep this corner of blogville relatively anonymous. Hence, names (even mine!!) have been changed to protect the innocent, and not-so-, as the case may be.

For what it's worth, I don't have this blog 'registered' in public listings on blogger, either. It's here for you -- my family and friends -- and friends of friends, and those of you who think it might be interesting enough to forward along to those whom the story might intrigue ... but this was created as a communications device, not an exercise in voyeurism.

And so, we go by Nicknames, in general. And they are specially selected for appropriateness. Viaggiatore means 'traveler' in Italian (and is pronounced Vee-aaah-ja-tore-ay). Some people's nicks are descriptive of characteristic traits (e.g., Renaissance Artist, The Old Soul, Virgin Blogger...) Others are personal nicknames that mostly mean nothing to others (N.Winkust, Daisy Boy, JillyBean). Still others were self-selected (e.g., Beatrice) And then ... well ... there's the one that we call "UBlend".

Um, yeah. You Blend, UBlend. (Need I say more?)


Anonymous Anonymous said...

N.Winkust chiming in here...I told a friend of mine about this nickname and whenever I tell her about "my friend in Italy" she gives me a puzzled look until I remind her, "It's my friend who called me N.Winkust." XOXO

4:32 AM  

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