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07 January 2006

A Tribute to Laura Ingalls Wilder

I devoured the books and tv show of 'Little House on the Prairie' as a child. In part because it was as far from my own city/suburban childhood experience could possibly have been. Partly because the idea of being so ... alone in the wilderness ... appealed to the plucky, 'I can do that!' spirit in me. (And probably in part because some misguided part of my brain thought Michael Landon was hot.)

The weather has finally improved here a bit; it's warm enough to be outside with just a sweater and scarf and there hasn't been a 'precipitation event' (hail, rain, snow, fog) in at least two days.

Today was an outside day. I hiked down and back up the hill opposite my house, listening all the while to someone singing opera - loudly and clearly - coming from the opposite side of the valley (probably a 20 minute drive away). I marveled to myself, I definitely live 'in the sticks' (in the vernacular.) While it isn't quite the settling of the West, it is ... remote. A store is 10 minutes drive, easily. There is nowhere walkable except the houses of distant neighbors and lots of rolling, forested hills. Yup, I live in the country. By myself. Damn, it's a good thing I watched all that LHOTP.

... I do not leave my house on a hike without a pair of pruners to clear the path.

... bringing in more wood, hunting for pinecones to dry out as firestarters, and getting fresh water from the well are normal chores.

... Bluejeans tucked into knee high wellie boots, fleece, a hat, and garden gloves are 'fashionable' (if only my hair was long enough to put into Laura-style braids.)

... I shower in the evening instead of the morning now. Why shower in the morning if you're just going to get all mucky hiking and hauling?

... I can lay and light a kick-ass fire in my garganutuan fireplace. Which is a good thing, because with the cost of fuel and electricity, I work by the light of the fire, candles, (and the computer screen) most nights.

... And THIS was the view out my bathroom window when I got out of the shower this evening.

That savvy, power-suited, fussy-haired, DC executive with painted fingernails and CFM boots that some of you may vaguely remember has apparently been bodysnatched by both Laura Ingalls and Little Bo Peep.


Blogger Gia-Gina said...

I loved this show when I was a kid and when I watched it as an adult I tear up and cry a lot. I grew up with this show, thanks for the memories.

10:51 PM  
Blogger Viaggiatore said...

Gina: I haven't yet seen it as an adult, thanks for the warning! If you're crying, though, that means your eyes - and tearducts - must be working after your recent surgery. Hope that's good news! Felice Anno Nuovo -V.

12:29 AM  

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