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10 April 2005

Totally Worthy Washingtoniana

Today - a lazy Sunday, picture-perfect blue sky with just a few wispy clouds, sunshine, pre-mosquito season, exactly 68 degrees with just a hint of breeze every now and again - is the day that EVERYONE wants to live in Washington D.C. Today is the day that I will miss desperately during rainy, cold, dreary days which are apparently legendary during the Tuscan winters.

Now, I have lived in Washington for more than 10 years, and days like this (especially falling on a weekend!) are not completely freakishly rare, but are certainly infrequent and unpredictable enough to be cherished (like fragile and breakable things - nod to Mary). In an average year, I can remember perhaps a dozen such days, and I'd like to think today was a special gift from the weather gods just for me, knowing that I'm leaving.

Today, Blossom and I (no comments from the Peanut Gallery - he chose his own name!) set off to fight the tourist throngs and take a Whole-Foods picnic down to the Tidal Basin. SPECTACULAR! We got rock star parking and walked past the movie-set Lincoln Memorial / Reflecting Pool. Found the perfect and surprisingly quiet spot to spread out in the dappled sunshine (now there's a seldom-used word) beneath the blossoms with a view of the Monument, with shockingly few annoying children in the vicinity. Had a perfectly civilized picnic of edamame, chevre with fig sauce, shrimp, fresh asparagus, tomato and mozzarella salad, and (my new favorite product improvement), little cans of Sofia champagne (really, you should try them - juice boxes for grownups!)

Now THIS is the way I'd like to remember DC! Credit to Blossom the artist for a fantabulous photo...

Fought off one, albeit fleeting, pang of guilt about the project needin' done this afternoon. Perhaps I'm already transitioning to the more sane pace of la bella vita Italiana?

Forse... penso che mi piace! (Perhaps, and I think I like it!)


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