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20 October 2005

Advantage Italy: WAY Sexier Street Artists.

So while in Rome a few weeks ago (I will NOT get tired of saying that...!), I had a little time to kill while waiting for my wayward group to come back from their visit to St. Peters. I was hanging out in Piazza Navona, one of my very favorite places, and checking out the myriad street artists/vendors. Gorgeous sunny Sunday afternoon.

I had two bags full of gifts for the tour group weighing me down. An attractive artist catches my eye and says (in Italian) "oh, beautiful lady, your shopping isn't finished, come visit me!"

For an effective visual, this guy looks like a cuter version of Joe Rogan (the host of Fear Factor), with sunglasses, a sweater tied around his shoulders (this look *only* works in Europe and US Yacht clubs, by the way.) Yeah, I'll bite.

I go over to look at the things on his easel: interesting -- more contemporary, ink/watercolors of major Roman attractions. We chat. He's charming. I'm beautiful and witty (can you hear the soundtrack playing??) and have good hair blowing in the breeze. My italian suffices. He humors me. I do have a house needing artwork; but I have bags to drop off. I promise to return after stopping at the restaurant. He makes me take off my sunglasses so he can see my eyes "to remember me". I oblige, we introduce ourselves: Massimiliano. My, it DOES roll off the tongue.

I return, buying a few pieces, including this one. He gives me a good price, but I don't care. We had seen the Trevi fountain that morning, in perfect morning sunlight. Many years ago (last I was touristing in Rome), it was scaffolded -- so today was my first time; it's a perfect memory. In the movie version, he packs up his easel and we go off to share a bottle of wine and laugh and talk about the meaning of life until sunrise. In the real-life version (sigh), my group is arriving and I'm returning to another evening of babysitting my flock. We trade numbers. Maybe next time.

Today, an email arrives... "Ciao Cara, I like to thank you and for supporting my Art in giving you an interpretation of the Italian Beauty, the Roman in particular. I look forward to please you again, with my passion and sincerety."

Yeah, what HE said! Oh, you can't imagine how fervently I pray that my broken Italian is as endearing and sexy as his broken english! Those of you who know me well know that on a subconscious level, I REALLY don't enjoy Rome. HOWEVER, it's amazing how much more - well, welcoming - it seems with someone there who is willing to 'please me with passion and sincerity'! I always knew I aspired to be a patron of the arts...


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