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16 January 2006

How do I love thee, IKEA?

... let me count the ways: Take ancient stone floors. Add clumsy girl or inebriated guests. Result = broken glassware. The death count to date: six glasses of varied purposes (that's one a month.) Aaah, they did not die in vain, having served us well.

IKEA offers a set of six pretty-darn-nice glasses for 2.95 Euro. With the cost of either electricity for the dishwasher or hot water from the tap, I really can't afford to wash them for less than that anyway.

And decent Chianti is E1.80 for a 2-litre bottle, so it's not even too much of a shame when a nearly full glass bites the dust.

It's like a Greek family wedding in here 'round the fireplace. Opa!!


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