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18 April 2006

Cinderelly, Cinderelly...

I'm sure you're on the edge of your seats out there in blogville waiting for me to regale you with stories of Holy Week. Indeed, I do have tales to tell about both the Good-Friday-to-Play-Hooky and what the Coniglio di Pascua brought me on Sunday morning.

But tonight, I'm finishing up the last of cleaning before the guest-visiting season begins tomorrow ... if by "cleaning" you mean "using the long arm of the vacuum to suck the last two days' growth of cobwebs from the eaves" and by "tonight" you mean "nigh-towards-one-AM* when I finally finish work at ye ole' day job."

And ironing the pillowcases. Who IRONS pillowcases?!!? Please believe me: in America, I was not this type of girl. Here, it's not an option, if you have an Italian dryer, which must be loosely translated into tyer-of-things-into-crinkly-little-balls. (I know. I'm bitching about the much-coveted clothes dryer. I'm sorry! Yes, hanging them out in the sun is a slightly less crinkly solution, but it's weather-permitting.) Subject for pensive thought another day is that I honestly cannot fathom how Italian women actually get it all done - laundry, cooking 2 FULL meals a day, gardening, childcare, cleaning for large families - on a regular basis with such s-l-o-o-o-w methods for doing things.

(Okay, and they probably didn't spend 5 hours this weekend finishing the first season of LOST on DVD, either. Fair. But hey, it was a holiday!)

Okay, my aching back from the almost-full weekend of weed pulling and cleaning coupled with a full day in an ergonomically disastrous desk chair is slightly overstating the drama here. Except The Mom is among the impending guests and I'd like to continue to allow her the illusion that she raised a girl who knew how to clean house. Or rather, that she raised a girl who is smart enough to use a small percentange of monthly income to choose the services of a cleaning lady instead of a manicurist: which, she did, except aforementioned cleaning saint is suffering from a broken arm this month. Hence, I'm playing Cinderella substitute this weekend (and a poor one at that.)

Next time you're here to visit, just before you rest your weary head on a halfheartedly pressed pillowcase, you'll marvel at how lovely everything looks in its candle and fire-lit glow after your third or fourth glass of wine in the crisp Tuscan air. Just don't look too closely at the eaves, I'm sure I missed a cobweb somewhere.

(*footnote: for reasons unbeknownst to me, I really just wanted to use the word 'nigh' in a sentence. Must be all the ancient influence this past week! And did I just say 'unbeknownst'?! It's definitely time for bed!)


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I actually did iron pillow cases yesterday. Huh I wonder where that came from. DS

2:32 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

If I ever make it to Italy to visit, please, please, please do not waste your time ironing pillow cases for me. I'm afraid I wouldn't notice and that would just be rude. So, skip it and have an extra glass of wine, instead!!

3:46 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I see where you are getting this from considering The (your) Mom turned a chinese take out dinner into a better dining experience than PF Chang's when I was visiting.
Unassuming Princess

4:46 PM  
Blogger Barbara said...

Still haven't ironed a pillowcase...that's why they put these radiators things all over the house, right....to dry stuff on? Anyway, that's my theory.

As for your expanding vocabulary, I have to point out that you used the word "panoply" in a recent blog....make sme think you're reading the "Improve Your Vaocabulary" secton of Reader's digest every month.

While this may be very educational for you, for me it's quite another story. I feel pretty inadequate (stupid really) in Italian, and now your making me feel inadequate (and stupid!) in my native tongue! I think we need to get together for that glass of bourbon pretty soon. Will you be at the Expats gtg in June?


8:26 PM  

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