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13 April 2006


It's a 220V/50Hz electric world here, versus the 110V/60Hz that we have in the US. Higher voltage, lower frequency. (That can actually describe LOTS of things!) We also have THREE, count 'em, different kinds of plugs. Thin prongs, three prongs, fat prongs. My life is a panoply of adaptors.

But some things are universal: as if by conspiratorial agreement, all the lightbulbs still choose the same week to burn out.

Dinner by candlelight and soft-glow-of-the-computer is so romantic.


Blogger Keith said...

You can add a few more here in Cortona. We've got two thin, three thin, three wide fat and a two wide fat. Unfortunately it seems all major appliances (vacumn, coffeemaker, space heater, etc) all come with two close fat prongs, something that just doesn't exist in our house. And the conversion from two fat to three wide fat just doesn't exist anywhere. So, I have to McGyver it and take out a middle fat prong in the adapter and hope I don't break the adapter in the process... I'm at about a 50% success rate. I guess it keeps me out of trouble.

9:48 AM  

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