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06 April 2006

Calling all Catholics...

Okay, we're officially on countdown to Holy Week here, which - despite my aforementioned skepticism about organized religion, I'm quite looking forward to. The home of the Catholic Church is bound to do it up in style. (Plus, I need a new hat.)

My dear, sweet, wonderful, closest-thing-I've-got-to-a-real-friend in the 'hood next door neighbor (mother of my 2 and 4 year old boyfriends) called today to chat. At some point towards the end of the call, she described something having to do with a ritual of holy week (settimana santa), or the leadup thereof ...

The gist of that part of the conversation was: Something about a tradition, a group coming to visit to the house, bringing holy water, offering the benediction, accepting an 'offering' (not required, she made a point of that...) That it was good to make an appointment? Maybe later this week, when the weather is nicer?

Now, she speaks ZERO english. And she KNOWS my Italian, ahem, isn't aces. And she knows I'm not Catholic. And she stopped twice to ask if I understood, and I said 'sort of': The words, yes. The concept, no. I told her I was around all week. For the cultural experience of it, if nothing else, I'm totally in. Plus, if it makes her happy, it makes me happy. But anyone got any idea what I'm in for? I had no idea the Catholic Church made house calls. If they can do windows, too, I might convert.

(JillyBean? DaisyBoy? Tearjerker/PoetLaureate? Old Soul? N.Winkust, Timmo-san, AngelLady? Where are my staunch catholics out there to shed some light??)

By the way, I mentioned to a different neighbor who has rabbits as pets that they are universally considered the 'symbol of easter' in America. Easter Bunny, all that. That the 'bunny' brings chocolates to children the way the Befana brings gifts to kids on the Epiphany here (like Santa, but later.) She was simply befuddled.

Aaaah, cultural outreach. One wacky American tradition at a time.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Well, we don't have anyone coming to the house this week with holy water. Maybe it's an "Italian thing."


5:55 PM  

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