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27 May 2006


I've gotta learn how to say that in Italian: I am CRANKY today.

Like, cranky in an "I'd find a way to pick a fight with my grandmother - keep the cute puppies out of kicking distance" kind of way.

Backstory: after an inordinately long week at the day job, I attended a lovely garden party evening/dinner at N.Terza & Ancient Historian's last night. Truly delightful, spectacular gardens and a gorgeous evening to be sitting outside (I did use the white trash quote at least once: "Wow. The sky looks JUST like it does when the sun sets at The Venetian in Las Vegas!") And then NT and I stayed up very late, girl-talking over wine.

I made it home around 315 this am (after one wrong turn on the windy roads in the dark). Which put my sweet little self in bed 'round about 4 am.

The lawnmower started outside my window at ten minutes to eight. Earplugs and a pillow over my head was not enough to stop it from humming in my brain. And maybe I'm just a little dehydrated, which isn't helping.

Don't get me wrong, I LOVE the little men who come to help mow my lawn. I just wish they were afternoon people. Spending 300 Euros a month to never sleep in on a Saturday is a hard reality to swallow.

I need a nap. Now THAT, I do know how to say. But it's a big yard and, yup, the lawnmower is still running.


CRANKINESS UPDATE, later: The entire day, save for two hours, I spent listening to the lawnmower. For a woman who is so noise-sensitive that I avoid vaccuming at all costs, this has driven me to the frayed end of my very last nerve. My crankiness level has reached mammoth proportions. I am so irritable, in fact, that I just turned on the printer for the first time after yesterday's incident, actually HOPING to hear the satisfying exoskeletal "crunch" of the wayward beetle.

And .... SILENCE. Just a printed page. He must have escaped. And I am embarrassed to admit that I was disappointed.

Thank heavens I don't have plans tonight. I have a sneaking suspicion that her royal highness Princess CrankyPants is likely NOT to be scintillating company.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Cranky Pants,

With regard to the mower, we can relate.

Prof & Mary Ann

PS: Would have enjoyed another night with NT and AH. They are right good fun.

12:22 AM  
Anonymous Laurie said...

I learned recently that cranky is SCORBUTICA.....that is what my DH says I am sometimes......maybe I should try your therapy!!!! I am looking forward to meeting you in person this weekend. We will NOT be cranky!!! (Although sometimes my turtle is cranky)

8:16 PM  

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