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10 May 2006

Snazzy new blog cards (Totally Unsolicited Endorsements III)

I have apparently become - sort of unbeknownst to me and without actual intention to become such a thing - a blogger.

People ask me all the time for my blog address.

And I scrounge in my purse for a writing implement, then scrawl it down - usually on a cocktail napkin or a torn off scrap of placemat paper. I write clearly and carefully - since the words don't make sense in English so therefore aren't easily memorable (and I've recently discovered they aren't technically grammatically correct in Italian, argh! double argh! insert frustrated *!&$^@#! curses here!)

Simultaneously, I also realized that I had no 'personal' card. You know, the one with my personal email and not the work one? With my own cellphone, not the number that gets you a voicemail in Washington DC that I suck at checking? (I mean, really - if I give you my work card and say, 'call me sometime,' what happens if you decide to call on a Saturday to see if I can be your last-minute-date to a State dinner? You couldn't find me.) In America, this is normal. In Europe, it's a little weird: people here pretty commonly have 'personal' cards.

I had no idea I needed such a thing, but with an impending summer full of travel and connection-making, I thought it best to break down and get personal cards - with email and blog address. (No cellphone number, though. I'll still have to write that down - call me selective, or just someone who HATES talking on the phone!)

But I wanted something cool and hip, interesting but thought-provoking. Not snooty engraved script on textured ecru-colored parchment. (The submliminal message there is 'wow, she takes herself waaaaaaay too seriously!')

Thank god someone's already thought of that! (Seriously, there are no good ideas left in the world.) Enter StreetCards. I picked a graphic from one of my favorite comic artists, but there are tons to choose from. It works for people or small businesses, and are double-sided, hip, and cost effective. Fair warning, they're also kind of addicting; I'm already thinking of my next design.

Since you don't need one - (DUH - you already know where my blog is!) - I thought you might like to see my newly minted card:

BACK (white on purple):
viaggiatore: (n) - a traveling animal, more wolf than sheep
stop in and say hi sometime:
If not now, when?


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