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17 April 2005

Hold on to your wallets, kiddos!

News from The Diplomat yesterday that the satellite internet connection will cost 3,000 Euros to get installed and 175 Euro a month for service. Whew, baby! Add to that the fact that gas costs something resembling 5 Euro a gallon, and multiply all that by the current abysmal 1.35 exchange rate and it doesn't take Greenspan to figure out that this might not be the year to give up a significant % of my salary to move to Italy...! Aaaah, but you can't take it with you, so why the heck not??? Vow of poverty, etc etc.

Speaking of vow of poverty, it hit me all in one fell swoop this weekend that - gulp - it makes no sense whatsoever to spend $180 a month on a storage space for all the accumulated debris of a life. So have begun in earnest the sort-donate-sell process (yeeehaw, everyone loves a garage sale.) Then of course, you hit those weird 'what do I do with THAT?!?' things. Current winners in that category:
  • My ratty, well-loved green and white checkered baby blanket and teddy bear
  • The mag-cover-worthy wedding pic of me and the Ex. (who ever thought 8 x 12 was a good idea?!? Good god, don't ever get married when you're 23 and stupid. There oughta be a law.)
  • Junior high school yearbooks (I would spend $$ never to see those pics of me again, but somehow, I can't bring myself to toss 'em.)
Back to the boxes. Gonna be a mother of a garage sale next month: Stuff from my life, make your best offer...


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