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08 June 2005

Just when I was getting settled...

I'm off! Today I'll drive 4 hours south to Terracina (which is on the west coast 2 hrs. south of Rome - to inspect a hotel for an upcoming tour) and then tomorrow morning, I jump into a Delta cattle coach flight back to the States for a little fun and a little (okay a LOT!) of work. The best part is that I will get a chance to see Beatrice & the Pensive Oak, Chickie, Pollyanna Buckeye, Nature Boy & My Favorite Ski Coach, EJoe, The Professor & Maryann, Tearjerker, MP/LameDuck, and many more! Logic tells me that if I were still living in DC it's not like I would have seen everyone before this trip anyway (other than P.B.), but it, oddly, seems so much more of a 'homecoming' than just a 'trip' now. Mindshifting.

Fratello Guido was here last night, and he and Il Cavaliere seem to have good news on the visa/work authorization front, which makes me rest a bit easier. Having loose ends with bureaucracy sets my spirit a bit on edge. I will have to seek Beatrice's translation assistance this weekend with the papers and see what hoops need jumping through next!

Anyhow - I bore you with all this because I'm hoping to keep updates going while I'm on the road at least part of the time - tho may be a bit less prolific than usual -- since of course, this is a blog about living in Italy - not running my sweet patootie off dawn 'til dusk shuttling around 200 of my nearest and dearest friends through Minneapolis!


Blogger green gazelle said...

Have a great little trip back to the states - can only imagine you'll have a lot to write about whence the return to Tuscany ground (all these dandy comparisons between Italy & USA fresh in the mind & such).
gg *waving*

12:21 PM  

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