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08 June 2005

True Confessions Time

Okay, I'm going to totally blow that sophisticated, worldly view you all have of me (hah! As I scrape dirt from my fingernails...): I kinda miss not having mindless American trash tv here. When I uprooted myself, I was just getting hooked on 'Eyes' (mostly 'cuz Tim Daly is so emminently ... doable) and Desperate Housewives, and, okay, Boston Legal....it's the delightfully vicious James Spader character that I can't resist. Here, TV comes in one flavor - Italian, and there are 5 channels. Wahoo! I'm spoiled for choice!

I do turn it on to train my ear, but there's not much worthy of watching. On the surface, their 'game and reality' shows are a thousand times more inane (and less sophisticated, I think?,) than even ours are, if you can believe THAT! -- though I'm willing to bet ours would seem much worse if I only understood every fourth word? There's one where it seems the goal is for the three 'contestants' (who may be semi-famous?) to make a series of selections (food, wine, music, etc,etc.) and then at the end it is revealed if they are 'hot or cold' lovers. Boy, I'm at the edge of my seat waiting for THAT?!?! Another where contestants are stuck together living/working on a farm in Brazil - kinda like Big Brother and Survivor and Colonial House all combined. And they have gone out of their way (why I cannot fathom!) to dub Will & Grace into Italian. The voiceovers they've chosen for Jack and Karen are truly, indescribably hysterical!

Speaking of TV, Green Gazelle shared this quiz this week: 'Which Desperate Housewife Are You' ... never one to resist a quiz (me and Virgin Blogger, we must have been trained on Cosmo in our youth!), I of course clicked right in. Since I'm sure you're all staying up nights wondering (Chickie, maybe THAT'S what's keeping you up?!?!): The quiz tells me I'm Lynette. Which I probably coulda guessed. I'm kinda her (once upon a time polished and professional, now just a bit of a mess trying to keep a house in the country together!) Though my life is kinda 'Lynette' without the brood of germfactories to chase after. She's got a bit of an edge, especially when crossed - which is definitely me, though I'm missing the wacko high-jealousy gene she seems to have! I'm not QUITE prissy enough for Bree (though the hairspray comment DID hit a little close to home, at least when I have my "DC hair" on), I'm much more practical, pragmatic (read: adult!) than Susan, and not nearly fashionista enough to be Gabrielle. Plus, the school of hard knocks has taught me that despite all my best efforts, I cannot seem to get the world to revolve around me. Though I could certainly use the young, hot ('lusty, husky, Tuscan?!) gardener! (Really: 20 acres, folks! Tho when he's done with that... )


Blogger green gazelle said...

K: thanks for the plug and the *working* link. I so would not have chosen Lynette for you (even though she's in the family). *grins* From my distant POV, I'd describe ya more as Gabrielle: remembering how even Casual Cabin attire included those cleverly rolled up t-shirt sleeves, fashion obvious coordinated color outfits & jewelry, for goodness sakes! (course, the women in your family have always been the fashion leaders of the clan)


12:06 PM  
Blogger green gazelle said...

...oh, and I forgot to mention. Dreamy Tim Daly's sexy eyes and general being won't be around for you to miss - Eyes has been cancelled. WHAT?! After 3, maybe 4 episodes? It was just getting good, darn it. Insert minor rant here about how US television industry execs would most likely even cancel their dear mama's cooking show if the numbers were down. What a bunch of smucky wet feeters~! *grrrrrr*

12:14 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

how did you know that I went right to the link to do the quiz?????? it truly must have been the formulative Cosmo years...I too was Lynette...don't totally agree on this one....I was sorta thinking of more of bit/influence of Eddie (Nicolette Sheridan)mixed into Lynette and a little of fashionista Gabrielle....that would be my version of desparate housewife!

virgin blogger

1:45 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I was Gabrielle, but I think that is false. I am a combo between Susan (the childish part of her), Lynette (the frazzled side of her) and Gabi(the shopping part). Although, Bree is by far my favorite.

Have a great trip! Say hi to everyone in MN for me...
Unassuming Princess

9:20 PM  
Blogger Danza Sorellina said...

ok so everyone else is doing it...I am susan and surprised at first but then I guess not--

I don't think I could last too long with out the mindlessness of american TV- guess that is one thing you don't think about missing!! Let me know what you need an update on- I'd be happy to help...ds

2:35 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I have to admit, I stopped being a desperate housewife long ago....but fun to read about all of you.

1:44 AM  

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