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26 June 2005

City dwellers, beware.

...and those of you who knew me back when I was a city dweller and was, um, to put it politely - not domestically skilled?!?! (I had a cleaning lady for my 650 square foot apartment), you may want to skip this post if you're faint of heart or just want to remember me 'the way I was.' At least take suburban dwelling kids to another room.

So, now that the sensitive impressionable ones have signed off: here is where I say, thank goodness for Little House on the Prairie. You know, that cheezy 80's tv tribute to the life of Laura Ingalls Wilder, the show that gave Melissa Gilbert more time in the spotlight than she ever deserved and launched the career of Jason Bateman, featuring that once-upon-a-time slightly dreamy Michael Landon. (*You're wondering where this gushing wholesomeness is going, I know ...) THAT is where I learned how one hangs wash out on a line. At least I think it was, I certainly can't imagine where ELSE it would have been! And today, I did it in real life. Add THAT to the list of things I never thought I would do that are about to become second nature. Now, don't get me wrong, we do *have* a dryer (The Diplomat did not go entirely medieval during renovation). It's just too darn hot to run it. Plus, the electricity is crazy expensive. On a sunny summer day, it's really the only rational alternative.

And since I've got the hang of posting photos now, here's the pic to prove it. Note the cypress tree and haystack in foreground. It's far enough into the backyard that the (ahem) delicates don't flap around in plain view during cocktails on the terrace. Yup, this is the country! I am shaking my head a bit ... it's moments like this that it's hard to believe how much my life has changed in the last 2 months!


Blogger The Mom said...

I guess I am feeling slightly remiss at not having you hang cloths out on the line when you were younger ---though when we actually had a cloths line you were less that one, and the convenience of not hanging cloths out during a Chicago winter somehow had priority. Love that you're learning this skill now. Remember to shake that water out of the sheets before hanging or they will be as hard as a rock (but they will smell great!)

7:21 PM  
Blogger The Mom said...

That is actually a clothes line.

7:22 PM  

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