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24 June 2005

Out of Africa

Not that I'm counting, but I think I've actually LIVED here for not quite a full month now (not including the trip back to the the states.) And in that time (living completely in the open air), I am thrilled to report, I have not been bitten by one single thing.

That is, until tonight. So much for a good luck streak!

Maybe it's the season changing a bit. Maybe it's the passing of the summer solstice. Maybe something finally finished its gestation period and launched a whole new army of flesh-munching babies into the summer air. At any rate, my - ahem - significantly fleshy legs have become the daily special in the all-night bug buffet.

In the 'I must be psychic' category, on the way home I stopped at the IperCoop (like a really messy combination Target/Grocery Store on steroids!) to buy a coffee pot, a toaster, and a Zanzariera per Letto (one of those gigantic nets you hang over your bed.) In the 'SHE must be psychic' category, Danza Sorellina actually GAVE me one of these for Christmas this year that's still sitting at The Mom's house because it was too big to get back to DC. (I guess that 'psychic' thing of mine only goes so far.)

So anyway, just before sunset, I hung that puppy up over my bed. Truthfully, I really bought it because it's waaaaay to stuffy to sleep with the windows closed, and I still have those thoughts of pippistrelli running through my head. Yes, nature lovers, I KNOW they don't hurt you. But the thought of being startled awake by one fluttering in my face was a little too much to let me sleep comfortably. You simply can't undo 30+ years of brainwashing about bats. But with the new crop of nibbling insects I discovered tonight, I can see this was definitely a good call. I stopped scratching long enough to type this, have just doubled up on the benadryl, and I'm calling it a day.

And just for the record, the bed net thing looks MUCH sexier in the movies than it does in real life. It looks a little like I may be in some sort of a quarantine situation. Yeah, *that'll* bring in the cute single Italian men in droves. But that's okay. For the moment, my blotchy, red, swollen legs aren't fit to be entertaining.


Blogger Danza Sorellina said...

...and of all the ideas I had for that net, keeping the giant bugs off you while you sleep never came to mind! If only that big ring wasn't attached...

3:47 AM  
Blogger green gazelle said...

..."who ordered the pooh-pooh platter?"


12:38 PM  

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