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17 January 2006

You know you live in Italy when ...

... 'I had to wait until the stores reopened at 4pm' is a legitimate reason to spend an extra hour wandering around a cute hilltop town (Castiglion Fiorentino), therefore being an hour plus plus late getting to work via computer. You make it up by being on the computer until 3 am. YAWN!

... The pharmacist - when he reopens at 4 - actually gives medical advice, and it works.

... What kind of bread you buy can start a full fledged debate in town. (For the record, eating Tuscan unsalted bread is akin to gumming the internal remains of one of those padded shipping envelopes.)

... You do NOT, under normal circumstances, order a cappuccino after 11 am - even if you woke up late. And NEVER after dinner. You can save face and get virtually the same thing by ordering a doppio macchiato con 'un po' piu latte.'

... Sparkling Rose Wine on Tap is not considered a "ghetto" beverage order. Even at lunch.

... Your new friends actually KNOW which restaurants serve aforementioned wine.

... Your dually-packaged toothpaste has Italian writing on one side and Greek on the other (which makes you remember that goofy greek alphabet song from sorority pledge days, which reminds you just how American you really are.)

... The gift of wood-hauling gloves from a friend make you misty.

... Which neighbor you buy your olive oil from is a subject of gossip.

... Both your garden helperguy and your cleaning lady gift you their own homemade wine for Christmas, and it's not scary moonshine (she types as she takes another swig).


Blogger Ms Adventures in Italy said...

Ciao viaggiatore! It's rosso99 from the expat board. I saw you went to Castiglion Fiorentino! I studied there for 4 months in 1999, it's a wonderful town. They filmed part of "Life is Beautiful" there (out-of-control car going through Communist parade). Hope you enjoyed it.

8:55 AM  

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