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31 March 2006

Siamo una luna indietro

That's the quaint Italian vernacular for something like "golly, it's colder than usual for early Spring". I discovered this last night when I asked my neighbor - ( prompted by a conversation about when to move my lemon trees back outside) - if it was normally still this chilly in late March. He replied that we are "a moon behind." The following explanation was something about a late Easter, so we're still in the March moon, that it won't be until the April moon that it warms up, the crops aren't in yet ... (I, puzzled, stopped listening at that point and started mentally scratching my head.)

Those astronomy classes I took in college definitely didn't have the bonus farmer's almanac practicum; that must have been reserved for the state Ag schools. Damn liberal arts education, what's it good for?!?!


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