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03 April 2006

If French's is America's Favorite ...

Then what is Italian mustard?


Although at first glance, something didn't seem right, I seem to be surviving just fine.

Senape: apparently Italian for 'just plain ground up little mustard seeds with no fake dyes added to catch your attention. We get it, we're not as popular as our American cousin, French's, or our French cousin, Grey Poupon, but we do just fine, thanks for asking. Senape: mustard, like nature might have intended, if nature was in the condiment making business.'

(The previous commentary brought to you by my sandwich, which I made at 10 pm when I abruptly realized I hadn't eaten dinner. Living in one time zone and working in another - six hours earlier! - has some interesting hazards!)


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Your sandwich is probably against green tomato ketchup too.

Daisy Boy

3:23 PM  

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