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01 April 2006

Prima Primavera

Taking nature's cue, one of my first priorities upon returning is for the interior of the house to also change seasons. It's my first full spring here, and I'm eager to watch the transition outside, but impatient for the inside of the house to feel less cold and stark. Though I had thankfully dispensed with Christmas before I left (in the annual 'burning of the greens' ceremony, after which The Mom and I were lucky still to have eyebrows), I did have some dried silver/purple/white winter floral arrangements that looked positively ridiculous now that crocuses and daffodils are peeking their heads up and the sun is spurring the grass into growth mode. Today's 'spring cleaning' (read: eliminating the layer of dust and bug carcasses that miraculously appeared during my absence - gotta love old houses!) gave way to little spring decorating... and just with a few arrangements: it's amazing how much sunnier I feel with fresh flowers in the house, even though it's still fireplace-chilly at night.


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