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06 April 2006

3 to 24

The smell of fresh cut grass still lingers from yesterday, the first 'hacking' of the season. And it SERIOUSLY needed it after the burst of sunshine we've had these past few days.

And now, my handy new computer 'widget' that tells me the weather forecast for the week is giving me heart palpitations.

Tomorrow night's low is 3. Monday's high is 24. (That's 3C=37F and 24C=75F)

I'm sure Shakespeare or someone equally eloquent has a relevant famous quote that captures my thoughts here. In the absence of that, there's an old German proverb, "Women are as Fickle as April Weather". Damn! It's rare I agree with my German friends on a whole lot, but there it is! (So far the list of agreement includes this, and beer, and sausage.)

Not putting away the wool socks or winter jacket just yet.


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