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24 August 2006

Feeding the Beast

Wednesday is universally considered "hump day" in the 9to5, MtoF work world.

It's Thursday. And I don't feel anywhere close to over the hump. Ye ole day job was indeed like a brick wall that I hit this week. So much to do. So little time. So little enthusiasm with which to do it.

Reentry is, indeed, hell. I don't know where that expression came from, but it has never been truer.

HOWEVER: The Show (and by that I mean this here little corner of blogville) Must Go On. Because you, my peeps, are a voracious beast that must be fed!

Yes, yes. Details of the events comprising the super-fantabulous roadtrip weekend will be forthcoming in a series of bite-sized posts, but it shall suffice to say that it is my personal opinion that the entire anti-depresssant pharmaceutical industry would be COMPLETLY defunct if everyone just had access to a convertible, a summer weekend, and windy open Italian roads.

Spending hours on end in the back seat of a Saab convertible, under the Tuscan sun, wind whipping in your face: now THAT is a head-clearing exercise. Add a few good friends, a little open-air opera, and copious amounts of vino... that'll cure what ails just about anyone.

Quick teaser highlights:

78 Euro: a ticket to see TOSCA at The Puccini Festival
20 Euro: contribution to gas for snazzy Saab convertible
0 Euro: a group of otherwise well-adjusted grownups laughing hysterically (repeatedly) at the Italian translation for "asshat".
45 Euro: half the cost of a room in the gorgeous old villa in the middle of nowhere (GOVITMON)
0 Euro: the extra hour, including driving on what we're sure is a footpath, that it took us to find GOVITMON
60 Euro: stupidly expensive lunch in a ridiculously cute Italian town (RCIT)
0 Euro: nothing spent on a darling little old Italian man who insisted on a personal tour of aforementioned RCIT.
17 Euro: a three course meal of porcini mushrooms at a local fair
0 Euro: the night spent face-down on the green velveteen couch at Chez Bender.

PRICELESS: Feeling the wind in your hair, being present in the moment, and enjoying where you are, who you're with, and what you are doing right then. Even when you make a bit of an (ahem) asshat of yourself.

If not now, when?


Anonymous Anonymous said...

sounds like a dream to me!! I am glad you had enough fun for all of us...

8:49 PM  
Blogger NJH said...

"Asshat" is my absolute favorite insult! Please, can you tell me how to say it in Italian??

6:40 AM  

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