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13 September 2006

It must be random physical disfigurement month

I have always been a namer of things.

My car is Simon. My computer is Blu. Once upon a time, I had a grapefruit-sized tumor named Carl.

I am now reassuring myself that the THING that is rapidly buying up real estate on my left eyelid must be some sort of vicious, oddly-placed, stress-induced adult acne. Because it CAN'T be a bug bite, right? I mean, how unlucky can one person be in a month - after living here for more than a year with NONE?

Either way, he's large and red and angry. And hurty. And very, very un-pretty. (No, you do NOT get a photo. Geez. You'd have to a virgin Viaggiatore reader to not know that it's a RARE RARE occasion that I post pics of myself, so the odds that you're getting to see me looking like this are, um, ZERO, unless you're dropping by unexpectedly tonight.) I have christened him Arthur, and he needs to leave soon so I can go out of the house again without giant JackieO sunglasses on. Failing that, I just hope it's really, really sunny for the next few days.

Aaaah, life. Even in the comparative paradise of bella Toscana, it's still true: if it's not one damn thing, it's another.

Arthur's on notice: if he stays much longer, he'll have to register at the Questura and show his visa. The authorities are not amused.



Anonymous Autumn said...

Please take care of yourself! I hope it is nothing serious.
...but I love your sense of humor about it!
Take care,

5:41 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

There is never a time that is more appropriate for the Jackie O sunglasses. A stye in your eye, hangover, pre-coffee, random bug bite...even on a rainy day or in the dead of winter, I break them out. Enjoy looking like a glam girl even if underneath you are hiding something.

I hope it is not serious. I hate to say it but don't these things come in threes?

7:51 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

P.S. Can I send you some RAID? This is just getting crazy. Country side or city if the bugs are not being nice to you than you can kill them. That is the rule...

7:53 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I agree with UP! It's fine to share a domicile with the bugs, but once they cross the line, then it's time to go. I'm in for a few cans of RAID, too. Say the word, Viaggiatore and you'll have it by the case, I imagine. Hey, but while we're shipping, how you doing on Bounce sheets?

8:17 PM  

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