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03 September 2006

Day Six: Isn't this over yet???

I know, you're tired of reading about my medical drama. (Not nearly as tired as I am of HAVING the drama, believe-you-me.)

And so, eight inches became twelve.
Fourth trip to the (very kind) pharmacist, who changed the dressings on the blister.
Fever spiked.
Second emergency room: in the "big city" this time.
Three doctors having spider vs. scorpion discussion.

Third set of injections.
Four: total number of prescriptions.
Seven saintly neighbors.
Zero euros spent on actual medical attention
Fifteen hours sleeping, waking only to add meds to the system.

Today, from the encouraging department:
Twelve inches and holding.
("not-getting-worse" gets filed in the good news category!)
Fever is down. Heat of swollen skin is down.
Blisters have stopped oozing.

I'm all hopped up on cortisone and antibiotics and painkillers, and I have a newfound awe and respect for small creatures.

My inner scientist is admittedly a bit fascinated.
My outer tough-girl is hanging in like a trooper.
My inner "exception to every medical rule" is baffled and just a little bit freaked out.

Six days?!?!?

Hey, would you just squeeze my hand really hard and tell me it will be okay? Thanks.
Because sitting here alone on this hilltop, I need to believe you.


Anonymous McCats said...

I'm not at all tired of your medical drama, but I'm glad it's subsiding a bit. Until your post today, I wasn't sure your systemic purge was going to be okay, but really looks like it's stabalized and will now go into retreat. WOW! When you get the big bad, low down blues, you don't mess around, do you? Feel something like this, do you?

Today, today
Gimme the low-downest, meanest, achin heart blues.
Guitar talkin, piano strokin, throb-and-gut me
Base blues.
Wailin harmonica, head shakin, body rattlin,
Down and dirty blues.

Railroad blues.
Got no money blues.
Drinkin whiskey,
Baby left me,
Dancin dirty blues.

Feel so good cause I feel so bad
Fixin me blues.
Wrenchin me, lovin me, rockin me blues.
Pull me high, drop me low, catch me blues.

Straight to me
Like only YOU can do me
You done got to me

11:01 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

WOW...glad you are on the road to recovery. maybe you should submit your story to copywriters for HOUSE..it could be featured in next years DVD!!!

I too have been concerned with your health..emotionally and physically. I'm glad you are allowing the 'feelings' to happen and expressing them to us in blogland. hopefully that has been therepeutic.

'things' have GOT to get better, right?!?!?!

virgin blogger

12:38 PM  
Blogger Umbrian said...

I wonder if we could profitably sell to foreigners a body condom to prevent spider and scorpion bites? Reusable, say 5 times, so a typical tourist would have to buy two?
I am really sorry for you. When I was bitten by a copperhead snake, my story was similar, except in bed for 6 weeks. My calf (bite was in the foot) measured the same as my hips. My friend Jane came to see me and said, "We should photograph this and make really unusual Christmas cards from the picture." These venoms destroy tissue, so you'll likely weigh less when it is over. Plus, who has an appetite when it hurts so much?
I was pleased to see that today you have started back up the slope!

2:32 PM  
Blogger The Mom said...

Consider your hand squeezed, again and again. Whew, this was not a good one in my book.
The Mom

6:50 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Just checked in today and I had no idea you were going through all this!!!! I am so glad you seem to be feeling better. If it is not one darn thing, it is another. And to be handling all this in a different country...what a minute...didn't you break your arm in Italy several years ago and undergo years of rehab? This could be a sign, girlie.

7:54 PM  

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