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15 December 2006

Just under three hours...

... since I'm sure you're wondering ... Is how long it takes one average-size woman with relatively small but mighty hands to stack 4 cubic meters (just over 141 cubic feet, according to my handy online conversion chart) of firewood.

Stacked in three separate locations, including 1/4 of it hauled up a full flight of stairs.

That's a looooooot of wood. Yes, I could have paid someone to do it ... (30Euros, to be exact), but stubborn, independent, and frugal me then would not have NEARLY the sense of satisfaction I do now, as I sit, dosed up on Advil and sipping a glass of wine, letting my hair dry in front of the most satisfying, blazing and crackling fire I think I've ever built.

My lower back and right thumb seem to have taken the most abuse. (My hand-wingspan, as it were, not quuuiiiiite wide enough for some of the logs.)

By the way, if you're out of stocking-stuffer ideas for friends, I highly recommend a really, really good pair of nice LEATHER workgloves that actually FIT. Mine are lifesavers.

I had a discussion with a friend recently about whether or not I would be able to build my own cabin in the woods (not 'shelter,' but actual cabin). I finally conceded that perhaps, from scratch, I might not be able to pull that entire task off without help, even WITH my beloved gloves and good tools. But when that cabin is needin' firewood stacked? Yeah, baby: I'm your girl.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Gives me a smile, which I neded today, to think of you and your gloves working away.

1:11 AM  

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