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19 November 2006

On Curve Balls

Sometimes, life tosses a pitch you simply don't expect.
And no matter how it turns out, stretching to hit it throws you off balance for a while.

I'm still coming out swinging, but it feels like I've been forced to bunt one too many times in the last few weeks. Somehow, I can't read the pitcher. And hence, I haven't had the opportunity to play to my strengths and really take a swing ... rather feeling that I'm just filling space in the lineup, wearily stepping up to the plate again and again at the end of a much-too-long season. And I'm getting 'walked' ... a lot.

(All this reminds me that American sports analogies are so completely lost on Italians. Add that to the list of cultural communication gaps that create hysterically funny conversation gaffes.)

Hey, Coach: send in a pinch hitter, I need to sit out an inning or two.
(In Italian, the closest I could probably come is saying that I'm going on a really long coffee break. Va bene, tornero' forse dopo domani, o forse no ... boh ... vediamo)

All you out there in blogville - just toss the ball around on your own for a while. I'll be back when my head is in the game.


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