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07 May 2005

Color me really touched

I am OVERWHELMED with the amazing responses that I’ve gotten to the ‘Ciao, America’ message that I sent out last night. 24 hours, and an incredible spectrum of friends – old and new, some that I’ve fallen out of touch with and those who have been daily fixtures in my life. Other than “Bitter, Party of One” who sent a ‘please remove me from the address book’ message -- don't act surprised, kids, there’s always one … move on, spend energy with people who don’t suck you dry.--- … You have all been AMAZING! I know Blog technology is new for many of you, so for the most part people sent personal emails back to me (other than Techy P., bold enough to be first commentor online – he always WAS dragging all his friends into the next new gadget!)

Because I want this to serve as a journal of this whole experience, I feel obligated to put just a few memorable snippets of responses here – for me, if not for you all:

“OH MY GAWWWD! Congratulations on living life to the fullest! (Clem)

“Feel like such an idiot...I am sitting here reading your blog and crying. DORK! I am such a dork. I am so happy for you. What a "once in a lifetime" experience. But I guess, knowing you, you will always create amazing opportunities in your life. It is what we make it. Love you,” (The Unassuming Princess)

I gotta make this quick since I just got home after much time away and have a gazillion emails and ice and other critical foodstuffs melting that need to be put in the freezer, but just wanted to send you a quick note to say how FREAKIN AWESOME !!!!!!!!!!!!! it is that you are moving to bella toscana fro poco tempo. You are my idol. No wait, let me restate that. YOU ARE MY IDOL !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I think this is just fantastic and wish I could be there to congratulate you person. (Timmo-San)

“Oh my god...you are my hero and such an inspiration! I need to get even an inkling of your "leap" abilities instead of just talking about it” and “okay lady- I'm jealous and have to share that first and foremost. I'm also very impressed that you were presented with an awesome and I'm sure daunting opportunity and figured out a way to make it work for you! Bravo!!!!” (The Aussie Coincidences)

It seems that good news begets good news – Baby Makes Three wrote back to say she’s pregnant… oh, my! – I’ll drink a giant glass of Pinot FIN to that! – good vibes *definitely* heading in her direction! (I remain as always convinced I’m meant to be a kick-ass aunt but that somehow was born without a maternal instinct.) And, of course, LastMinuteCancellation (honey, it’s said in love…) wants a ‘cast list’ for the blog so she knows who’s who. StylishDi has a scarf that will go a looooong way in Italy. Tiny TM, who has done a few stints in Italy herself, is ‘sooooooooooooooo excited’ and assures me I’m doing an amazing thing. Virgin Blogreader (but never a virgin drink!) says she’ll check back frequently, so I’m happy to give her a nick in the hopes she’ll become a regular. Speaking of regulars, I’m hoping that N.Winkust (who keeps her childhood nick, of course) the stay-at-home mom and brilliant writer will become a regular contributor once she has three minutes of quiet to digest it all (after 25 years of friendship, we may actually keep in better touch!)

For the journal, Timmo-San and Tiny TM deserve special recognition here: long before I ever set foot in Italy for the first time in 1998, they both gave me crash-course Italian lessons. Tiny TM in good ole’ AH at Egg Harbor, and Timmo-San here in DC at famous Luigis. I haven’t heard from either of them in quite some time … life has taken us all in such different directions (tiny TM to Italy and back again and Timmo-San to … you guessed it, folks … Japan for the moment), but true friends can always pick up just like no time has passed no matter how many miles separate them. Bless you both for being real, true, wonderful people.

I am blessed, touched, awed, and inspired by the friendship and support of ALL of you who sent messages. Words like inspiration * courage * excited * envious * vicariously * amazing * opportunity * life is what you make it * were all peppered through as common themes in the messages I received. I am so amazingly fortunate that my life circumstances have allowed me to take this adventure – and I welcome all vicarious traveling companions!

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again -- you only get one life to live… and if you do it right, once should be enough.


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