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06 May 2005

Typical nights in the 'hood...

Had dinner last night with the Neighborhood Vigilante, at Café Luna - a wonderful little place tucked into a totally unassuming storefront on P Street, around the corner from the CVS. It never fails to amaze me how many wonderful places like this are scattered through this Dupont Circle neighborhood. I’ve lived 5 blocks away from here for 2 years and still haven’t done even *half* of the worthy things in the area (mostly because I tend to be a creature of habit when I’m home…) Luna should absolutely be commended – the atmosphere is genuine, welcoming, and uncomplicated, and (I'm not kidding!), they have the closest thing to a truly authentic Italian calzone that I’ve had here in DC (my favorite: sausage and artichoke hearts!) Delicious! I would add it to the list of things I'll miss when I'm in Italy, but ... well ... I'd bet that's where the original recipe came from. It's a damn good import: it's all in the dough. Whoever the chef is knows what they're doing!

While we were there, however, there was an almost-ugly incident with one of our ‘housing-challenged’ city residents who was also sobriety-challenged and wandering around the restaurant, pulling bottles of liquor out of his pockets. The gentleman who was hosting was amazingly patient with him (MUCH more than I would have been, but I suspect that's a strategy -- no reason to rile anyone up with patrons packed in tightly ...), but it was still touch-and-go for a minute. I don’t pretend to think that the US (DC specifically) is the only place with a homeless problem, but it is a major challenge here. I wish there was more people could DO, but it's one of those challenges that seems to be left to "the other people," and sadly, those programs go desperately underfunded. I know - you're sitting there nodding your head ... Don't just think about it, click here and do something: www.breadforthecity.org

Was invited for farewell drinks last night at the house of Sparky & Tortola Artista. Should preface this with the fact that Sparky and I serve on a board together, we met a year or so ago, and we just hit it off instantly. He’s got amazing energy and a brilliant smile – just one of those people who makes you feel good when you’re around him. Funny, isn’t it, how some people you just click with instantly, and others are so … much … hard … work... no matter how many years you’ve know them? At any rate, their eagerness for my adventure and their powerful positive vibe was a huge boost to the spirit. And of course, the Veuve didn’t hurt either. Sparky and I are both avowed champagne snobs: the particular belief that Champagne is, indeed, the most perfect drink (GOOD champagne, particularly). Morning, noon, night – you can’t go wrong! Thanks, guys, for the genuine friendship and the hospitality.


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