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22 June 2005

Happy dance!

I'm BACK, and have really missed blogging for these past few weeks, tho it's been so crazy busy that I truly haven't had a spare moment.

Promise to post more later tonight, but just couldn't wait to share the FANTASTICALLY exciting news that my shipment of 'stuff' that's been floating in the atlantic for the past month or so arrived here this afternoon, about 2 hours after I returned to the house. Timing truly couldn't have been more perfect. Aside from the slightly creepy guys who delivered it, I'm very impressed with the 6 weeks door-to-door service for my 19 boxes of 'assorted life'. Yes, I'm already wondering what the hell is *in* those boxes, but that's another story. They're all stuck in the basement for the moment waiting for The Diplomat & Renaissance Artist to pack up *their* things, which will be later this summer.

Even better is that the shipment made it here without any certification from the city government (Comune) about my residency (which they SAID they needed but apparently really didn't)... so this is one more "CHECK" on my list of bureaucratic hoops to jump through. Wa-hoo! I feel so much better knowing it's all HERE.

Also on the 'dontcha just love it when a plan comes together' note, closing on the new condo in DC will be able to be scheduled when I'm back next month, which is truly grand news. I'll even get to camp out there for a few nights to say I lived in it before I rent it out for an obscene amount of $$$. Clearly, someone 'up there' is looking out for me, and I'm abjectly grateful.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I too missed your blogging! Bienvito (my weak attempt at Italian...I tweaked the spanish version)!!!

looking forward to reading more adventures of American girl moving to Italy.

virgin blogger :)

11:58 AM  
Blogger green gazelle said...

Welcome back....to both of us. An ill-timed (as if there's ever a Good Timed) computer crash rudely jerked me from blog-life; spinning me out into that black space beyond the super-highway of internet delights to crawl on the little side streets of terra firma. How rude. How challenging. How totally I've become attached?... dependent? for the wide world that's so readily available via this marvelous mystery that is the world of cyber-space.

After pulling out the booklets & trying all the 'normal fixing' things; had to admit defeat and contact an IT....of course MY computer issues are desperately important to me; it's Take a Number and Wait your Turn when one asks for professional help: 'Ho-hum and I'll get to it soon.'

My idea of soon is way different from his - took 3 weeks to finally do the Magic in less than one day. Another week or two to even start to get stuff all back to normal. Yikes!

Was lucky this time - the techie was able to burn a cd of all my Precious Stuff prior to the complete clean out and rebuilding that was necessary. Hopefully I learn from this - what a worry the month was: involved in mourning the loss of all the hundreds and thousands of words and files and collections of valued stuff that might be irretrievably lost. (hey~ that sorta reminds me of what you went thru with your personal belongings in preparation for your current life-style)....

OK, gotta admit (with a fair amount of chagrin) that there really wasn't anything that couldn't have been re-written or re-created if absolutely necessary. Try as I might, there's any number of short stories or journaling that might not cause a shattering of the earth if they were gone forever.

In fact, maybe I'll be keeping more of my reflections inside myself - who the heck really wants to know anyway?

(Naaaaaaaaaaaah....now there's a half-minute of self-doubt I'll not get back. Buck up, gg....stop taking such the black or white look at things.)

again, welcome back! gg

12:26 PM  
Blogger green gazelle said...

....by the by, kindly explain why you might be so 'miserably, despicably and wretchedly*' grateful that some angel is looking out for you?

'Course it IS a rather miserable deal to finally take possession of the Dream DC Condo only to have to rent it out before all the New Condo Smell disappears!

just wondering....gg

* courtesy of The Oxford Desk Dictionary

8:42 AM  

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