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31 May 2006

WYLEI. (bgwm!!!) *

Well, it took a year, but I've finally arrived.

And by that, I mean I have officially been flirted with via "SMS".

For US-dwellers, SMS messaging has been virtually nonexistent, at least among functional adults. After a year living here I barely comprehend it; it seems so... old fashioned, or the language of gawky teens. In the US, we went from carrier pigeon to snailmail right to blackberry, kind of bypassing the need for phone-based text messaging. But it's an art form here, in part because other than the giant sucking of time out of your life, it's apparently free. It drives me a little mad, all the multiple punching of keys to get the right letter. It takes forever to say ANYTHING with this method, argh, other than in a shorthand (above) that might as well be another language. I "text" only in the most desperate of moments.

At any rate, my long-awaited order of printer ink and desk chair from the supposedly "overnight office products delivery store" was delivered today, by local courier. Apparently, it IS overnight if you don't order just before a weekend and (big if) the courier already knows where you live. Otherwise, it's more like 6 days. At any rate, patience, patience -- this is Italy, the country where "it might be there tomorrow, or maybe not, we'll see" is a suitable answer for everything, and it strangely doesn't make my blood boil.

It turns out the courier - after finally calling yesterday for directions, arrived this afternoon. He is a guy who I had met many months back (last November?) at a group dinner. When he arrived, it was one of those "I know you!" moments, for both of us.

He dropped my chair off. As he was leaving, I apologized that I didn't remember his name from the last meeting (he was one of a whole group that night, though he was definitely the winner of the 'whowouldyoudo' game, the cute one in the group.) He reintroduced himself, as did I. Famous Italian two-cheek 'nice to see you again' kiss while shaking hands. Then, as I was in the middle of a conference call with the day job, he ran off and I rushed back to work.

And then, about 20 minutes later, I received an "SMS" (of COURSE he has my cellphone number -- he's a courier!) It said: "Sei molto carina e gentile. Ciao a presto" (You're very cute and kind. Bye, til next time.")

Admittedly, my heart is just a little bit aflutter. (SETE.**)

(What IS it with me and delivery men? Is this the sign that I live just a little too far in the sticks?) And what office products can I run out of next, prompting a reorder?

*When you least expect it.(be gentle with me!)
** Smiling ear-to-ear.


Blogger Cupcake said...

Is he molto carino e gentile? And, more importantly, is he single?

If the answers to those questions are sí, sí and sí, then perhaps it's time to return the chair because there was a broken caster.

Of course, there is always texting him back. Just to say hi and thanks for noticing.

Life's too short, non è vero?

3:17 AM  
Blogger Judith in Umbria said...

Believe it or not, I too had a delivery man admirer. He, however, came close to becoming a stalker. No SMS, because I have no signal out here, but somehow he got my email address!
My take was he delivered rocks and an expensive massage shower here and he decided the shower merited some attention. Other people who have delivered rocks haven't bothered with me.

8:38 AM  
Blogger Viaggiatore said...

Judith: yikes! Way to be a buzzkill, but you're absolutely right, caution is (always) in order. "I'm a safety girl"!

Cupcake: Le tue risposte: si, sembra di si, e non lo so. (Yes, he's cute, in that rugged Italian way. He seems kind enough, and I have no idea if he's single! - It's not one of the things I typically know about my delivery guys, at least not on the FIRST delivery - HA!) And, heavens, what do you take me for?? Of COURSE I sms-ed back (not to do so would have been simply RUDE!) And, would ya believe it; the chair WAS actually missing a bag of parts! News at 11...

1:29 PM  
Blogger Cupcake said...

Have you heard from him since you SMS'd him? If so, did you write him back and ask if his wife makes him lug the groceries into their house? Hopefully the answer will be no because there is no wife.

Cute in that rugged Italian way can be molto caldo, girlfriend. Especially if it's bringing a bottle of good red wine, some dark chocolates and leaves the seat down.

With any luck, he'll care to pop by and check out the pergola.

2:39 AM  

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