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24 August 2006

And then there were 8.

(Wiping tears out of my eyes).

Well, it's official. Pluto is no longer a planet. As of today, according to the Powers that Be in the world astronomical.*

Everything I knew to be true and good and correct and just and right in the world seems to be turning on its head.

What's next?!?! The Pope not being Catholic? Two and two not so much equalling four? Real perfect love actually existing in the world? Republicans being in favor of more governmental interference in our lives?

I mean, come ON now. Stop the madness.

*just by typing "World Astronomical," the words of "I am the very model of a modern major general" from Pirates of Penzance came screaming into my head. I am a sick, sick puppy who can't remember what I wore yesterday, but remember the entire first verse of THAT.

** and if we're going to have to rewrite all the textbooks anyhow, couldn't we revisit the whole "let's go metric" issue again?!?!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Pluto's always been a dog anyway.

10:08 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Let's keep things in perspective. Science moves forward and as new information is collected there occationally come times for a shift in what we "know." There was a time when it was "known" the Sun revolved around the Earth.

Ever the Scientist,


10:23 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

As for metric, that will happen when Soccer becomes "America's passtime."


10:23 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


all of the blogosphere

10:30 PM  

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