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28 August 2006

Three M Monday

Meteorology: Dark and clear but windy, too brisk to have the bat-inviting windows open.

Music: Shawn Colvin's cover of Dylan's "Lonesome When You Go". It's been on repeat for about 30 minutes now, very soothing. The simple repetitive guitar under-current is evocative of my folk-song-singing-childhood. The lyrics are simultaneously light and conversational and haunting and honest.

"You're gonna have to leave me now, I know.
But I'll see you in the skies above - in the tall grass, in the ones I love.
You're gonna make me lonesome when you go"

(OKAY, okay ... I admit it, I really like it because it rhymes Honolulu and Ashtabula. Pure lyric genius).

Mood: Raw, ragged, and melancholy with a lump in my throat, perched at the edge of tears for no apparent reason. Handle with Care.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Makes my heart hurt a little that you're struggling and I'm too far away to come over with a pot of tea and a CD playing "Take A Chance On Me" over and over and over again. Find any reason that seems logical and let the tears go. And know that there are countless of us who will read this and send good, warm, heart-healing thoughts your way.

1:51 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Another sending good, warm heart-healing thoughts your way ds

2:34 AM  
Blogger I'm Just a Girl said...

Been there, girlfriend. Sometimes there's no explanation needed for a good cry. Love ya bunches....

12:39 AM  

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