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24 August 2006

Totally Unsolicited Endorsements

Orgasm in a bottle.
Yes, that's my new fragrance.

Okay, what it *actually* is... is a shower cream wash called I Coloniali, Strengthening Thailandese Shower Cream of Hibiscus. (catchy, eh??)

It was one of the things I missed MOST while I was gone. It was a gift from Mary Ann (really, The Professor and Mary Ann, but come on, I'm not kidding myself that TP had anything at all to do with it.)

It comes in a cool, understated tin bottle with corrugated paper wrapping (less IS so much more, people. Take heed.) And judging from pricepoints I see online, it's stupidly expensive (about a gajillion times more so than Ivory or Zest or Coast... and bonus! that it doesn't have an annoying jingle like "Coast, the scent opens your eyes..." or "Zestfully clean..." that plays in my head when I use it.)

I treat it like liquid gold.

Because at the rate that I WANT to go through it, a crystal meth habit would be less expensive. Those of you lucky enough to be in the States can buy it online. I must find a distributor near me, and fast.

The scent is heady and dizzying and still.... not sappy sweet. It lingers lazily, the scent of a sultry, exotic summer's evening clinging to wet skin. Incredible. I easily just spent an extra 5 minutes in the shower just to inhale a little while longer, imagining myself in a different world.

Fresh out of the shower, I am dressing to go tonight to a birthday dinner party at the home of my cleaning lady. (Let it not be said that I don't learn from my past). There will be no English speakers there, which also means no edgy American senses of humor. But I will desperately wish I had the courage to have THIS conversation in Italian:

"Oh, you smell great!" (amidst the two-cheek kissing welcome extravaganza)
"Why, thank you. It's orgasm in a bottle."


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