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03 November 2006

On fear

What are you really scared of? What haunts you?

Tonight, I'm here with Unassuming Princess and The Sports Fan. And that's the subject of conversation.

What are you afraid of? In the quiet of a dark night,

... do you fear that you'll do something to ruin everything that you have going for you?

... do you fear what lies ahead ... the things that are different from where you are today?

... do you fear not being in control? Even when you are destined to grow, and you can appreciate that, that the growth comes at the expense of the comfort of the known?

... do you fear that you can't stop the collision course that lies ahead, even when you know what it is?

... do you fear that everyone that you love dies and you'll be alone. (That's a direct quote from the Sports Fan, and pretty much what all fear boils down to.) Fear of being alone. Looking at life and ranking in priority the "things" that matter, it's not the "things" at all, but it's the PEOPLE. Losing the people scares me the most.

... do you fear that your life can be flipped completely upside down in a blink of an eye?

... do you fear sacrificing yourself for something that turns out not to be real? Realizing that your judgement wasn't quite right?

... do you fear being paralyzed and not being willing to jump at the chance when it comes around? And that you only get that one chance?

Aaaaah, I think those are really EVERYONE's fears, aren't they?
Indeed, they are. My tiny focus group tonight confirms it.


We're all in this shit together.

That's what fear is. Welcome to the party.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Unless you are on a deserted island, you don't ever have to be alone because there is always someone, somewhere, who will love you, it 's just a matter of finding them.

3:33 PM  

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